STOP PRESS.. A change announcement, our planned event on Leap Day Sat Feb 29th 2020, has been rearranged to day of Tantra.. 8th February 2020 ……Stop Press End SPECIAL OFFER 20% off 4 Hands & Couples relaxation massage For January 2020….. Tantric Connections Day – 20th January 2020..

Simon & Sharon invite you to enter the world of Circadian Rhythms Fusion Massage we are based in Doncaster and offer a wide range of Fusion Massage packages which includes elements of massage modalities such as Swedish Massage and LomiLomi.

We have a bespoke therapy space in our studio in Doncaster, designed with relaxation in mind.

Our massage space is a mini spa with sauna and shower facilities, where you can relax and enjoy massage, body scrubs and healing treatments.

We provide massage with draping, undraped or in a naturist environment.

As naturist ourselves we understand the freedom and and flow of a massage unencumbered by draping. We are also experienced in Taoist and Tantric practices and massage. We also provide couples training days and details can be found here.

Click here to view our opening times and always work on an advance appointments basis. Please call 07780 772928 or email





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