Humans are by nature diurnal (day orientated) as opposed to nocturnal (night orientated) beings, meaning that our physiological functions are geared towards day time activity and night time rest.

Research has shown in fact that our physiological functions fluctuate in cycles, or rhythms, which are regulated by an internal biological clock in the brain. These rhythms range from minutes, for example in the stages of sleep, to days, for example in the female menstruation cycle.

Studies have shown that the main physiological functions such as core body temperature, hormone production, heart rate, blood pressure, gastric activity, and the sleep/wake cycle, all have cycles or rhythms of approximately 25 hours. These cycles are known as circadian rhythms

When we become stressed the natural cycle can be adversely affected, therapeutic massage can assist in relaxation leading to a rebalancing of these natural rhythms.

When you come to Circadian Rhythms for therapeutic massage you will enter a bespoke therapy room where the emphasis is definitely on relaxation. Natural light is replaced by the softer flickering candlelight, relaxing music and aromatic scented oils complete the environment.