NOW AVAILABLE - here in Doncaster a fantastic mini hammam experience

The hammam ritual takes one hour and after changing, the usual path through the mini hammam :-

(1) Warm Shower

Here, you are washed, just superficially at this stage, to get rid of any basic dirt on your skin and in your hair. You have the option to bathe alone or be accompanied in the bathing which adds to the feeling of the pampering experience.

(2) Hot room

The heat in the sauna allows your pores to open wide and let your sweat out. This brings all the dirt out that's hidden in your pores and does wonders for your skin. How much time you spend in the sauna, depends on your tolerance for heat. You can break for a refreshing shower before you return to the warm room and this is when you have the savon noir (black olive soap) applied to your whole body. Following the application of the savon noir a further spell in the heat allows the soap to work on your skin.

(3) Scrub

Following several minutes in the heat and a light wash you relax on the massage couch where you are scrubbed with the traditional kessa glove which enlivens your skin with an amazing exfoliation.

(4) Massage and luxurious wash

A brief massage can follow the exfoliation before you are washed in a final accompanied shower with rich olive oil soap, Argan oil soap or other luxury soap and this is a real treat to complete your pampering experience.

(5) Finally wrapped in a fluffy towel you can relax with a traditional Moroccan mint tea before you leave, refreshed and revitalised.

If you visit as a couple you can assist in the ritual for each other if you wish.

Prices for the mini hammam are as follows :-

Mini Hammam for one person £ 40.00

Mini Hammam for two people with one male tellak £ 60.00

Mini Hammam for two people given by a male and female from £ 80.00

(a shorter Mini Hammam, no further massage) when added to an hours massage £30.00