Professional Naturist Mass

Professional Naturist Massage

This massage is for those clients who enjoy or would like to try naturism. The massage skills used in naturist massage are the same used in the other types of massage, but in this type of massage the client is completely naked.

The advantages of this are:

  • The temperature of the room is naturally higher to facilitate the fact that you are naked.
  • The massage will flow much better and facilitate treatment of areas normally excluded from a traditional therapy for example: The Gluteals
  • This is a more enviornmentally friendly massage as we do not have as much laundry.
  • For people who prefer naturism, massage is an ideal relaxation activity and the chance to enjoy a treatment in a fully naturist environment completes the enjoyment.

Often this type of massage is provided at places that cater to people who are interested in an entire naturist lifestyle. Our therapy room is perfect for this. The naturist massage is carried out on a professional massage couch in a beautifully candlelit room to a collection of world music with the right balance of uplifting sounds. This is after a relaxing sauna and shower. The atmosphere alone is totally engaging, mesmerising and ultimately this is a unique massage experience.

However, we invite you to try this wonderful experience.