Tantra & Taoist Massage

What is Tantra & Taoist massage? It's a question that those of us who provide such therapies are asked on a regular basis. You might be excused for thinking that the answer is easy, or at least well rehearsed. The truth of the matter is that the same massage creates different reactions in different people and for some the very action of receiving a massage is a sensual experience. For others it may just be relaxing. There are many factors which make a massage sensual and these can include the relationship between giver and receiver, the environment, depth or strength of the massage, the parts of the body included and the massage moves adopted in the massage given.

With so many variables it is possible for the same massage to mean entirely different things to different people. Recognizing the importance of the various elements and understanding the nature and expectations of the receiver will allow the giver to adapt techniques and adopt moves to make the experience truly sensual and exciting for both.

For many couples the time spent to set up a sensual space for a massage will represent a significant increase in the amount of time and effort applied to sharing intimate time together. This in itself becomes part of the experience and heightens the expectations of the couple involved.

There is an inevitable excitement which comes from applying massage techniques which have preciously been studied, in an intimate setting. This application is a personal approach and every massage will be different. It is vital to understand that sensual and erotic massage does not have to lead to sexual activity and that is a choice of the couple involved. There are many references to tantra and tantric massage when the subject of sensual or erotic massage is researched. There are some clear and valid messages which come from tantric practice and these are worth recapping in this context. Firstly there is no right and wrong in tantra, subject of course to consent. In addition tantra, whilst providing many outcomes to people, is fundamentally about the pursuit of pleasure.


In Tantra & Taoism, the "space" is key to the activity. Creating a personal and comfortable space along the lines of a nest is vital to the success of the massage. For couples this is often the chance to subtly change a familiar part of the home to help to suspend reality. There are many devices which help to create the right atmosphere for the massage and these can include soft lighting, often using candles, music, an oil burner or burning incense. Other devices include cushions, wraps and throws and perhaps an indoor water feature. Whatever you decide it is important that the finished space is one in which you will both be comfortable and relaxed.

For those lucky enough to have an open fire, this provides the perfect backdrop to use for a massage space as well as meeting another key requirement, the need to keep the space warm enough for the receiver to be able to relax and enjoy the massage without becoming cold.

Massage moves

In sensual massage the "standard" massage moves are utilised in addition to other specifically erotic moves and touches.

The standard massage moves may be slightly adapted to promote the feeling of relaxation and connection between the couple. There is little or no tapotment in sensual massage. The main moves are explained more fully here.